Partner - Lawyer - Insolvency Administrator

Jose Francisco Matas Llerena

In 2007 he began to practice the profession of lawyer before the Courts of Justice, since then taking charge of the legal defence of a multitude of judicial procedures.

As a Bankruptcy Administrator, he has intervened in bankruptcy proceedings, acquiring the necessary experience that every company in trouble needs for its recovery, viability or liquidation

Partner - Lawyer - Insolvency Administrator Bachelor of Law

Carlos Matas Llerena

Master in International Business Contract from the University of Bergen, Norway · Expert in Insolvency Mediation

In 2010 he joined the Firm and began to defend all sort of matters before the courts, counting today with more than 500 legal proceedings behind him.

Starting in 2015, he began his career as Bankruptcy Administrator and focused his professional work in the business and economic-criminal sphere, representing both bankrupt companies and their creditors.

In the current panorama of economic crisis, it helps companies in their strengthening, viability and liquidation; defends monetary cases and leads the accusation or defence in criminal matters of economic scope

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Gloria Tores Jimenez

Interpreter and Graduated in Economics from Bashkir State University. Russia

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Head of Labor Management

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Head of the Accounting department

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