Civil Law

If you are immersed in any type of negotiation or civil conflict, which affects your assets or your interests, you must have the help of experts to prevent you from being at a disadvantage with the other party

Maller Abogados assume the representation of our clients from the beginning of the matter and we carry out the negotiation, extrajudicial representation and intervention in the judicial procedure. It is this broad vision that allows us to define the most effective strategy to defend the interests of the client.

Judicial Procedures

  • Accidents and Insurance: Use our extensive experience to obtain the highest compensation in Civil Liability and Accident Procedures. We share the risk with our clients, submitting our fees to the result achieved, because only when there is a union of interests can there be total trust.
  • Banking and Abusive Clauses: We analyze your loan contracts and mortgage deeds to detect the imposition of Abusive Clauses. We claim those amounts that the Bank has unduly charged, whether for the imposition of expenses, floor clauses, IRPH, default interest, revolving cards, as well as any other ilegal clauses.
  • Claim of Amounts: We analyze the debtor's solvency and look for the best way to ensure collection for our clients. We pursue the debtor and his assets and exhaust all civil and criminal possibilities to avoid default.
  • Evictions: We recover your home whether you have signed a lease or if it has been occupied, putting all our effort in making the process as quick as possible.
  • Condominiums: We take care of providing you out-of-court and judicial advice on the conflicts that arise around your community of owners.


We offer comprehensive advice in accordance with national and international law: acceptance and repudiation of inheritance, distribution, partition, challenge of wills, causes of indignity, disinheritance and liquidation of inheritance tax.

Real Estate

We advise on sales, leases, real estate financing, contracts and real estate projects; offering solutions that adapt to your objectives from a civil, urban and tax analysis.

Criminal Law

If you are the target of an investigation, the sooner a strong and pro-active defence is established, the better the outcome

Our economic and mercantil aspect, added to our experience in criminal judicial procedures, places us in a privileged situation to protect the rights and interests of our clients in proceedings on punishable insolvencies, scams and fraud, corporate offenses, money laundering, and in general, the defense and prosecution of any kind of economic offense.

Labor and Social Security

Whether you are an employer or a worker, your labor relations tend to be the ones that affect your pocket the most, for this reason you must take special care in these matters

We defend and represent companies and workers in labor proceedings: layoffs, claims of quantity, and challenge of sanctions.

We advice companies in the processing of Employment Regulation Files and ERTES.

We represent workers in disability proceedings before Social Security.


The Administration is a powerful opponent, for this reason, if you are the target of a sanctioning procedure you will need the best support to face the situation in the best possible way

We help natural persons and companies in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures. We appeal administrative sanctions, disciplinary proceedings and we advice on tax matters. We provide qualified urban advice on planning, management, execution and urban discipline.

Commercial, Insolvency and Second Chance Law

If your company is at serious risk, we provide you with the best solution to try to save or liquidate it without putting your personal finances at risk. · If it is your personal economy that is in danger, we will look for the best solution to eliminate your debts or reduce them

We act both as Bankruptcy Administrators and represented companies in debt refinancing or restructuring, as well as in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phase in a comprehensive manner.

Knowing the Second Chance Law, having intervened in numerous Out-of-Court Payment Agreement Files as Bankruptcy Mediators, we are experts in turning insolvency into a comfortable payment agreement or total debt exoneration.

Business Consultancy

We manage all the tax, accounting and labor obligations of your company, so that you only worry about the expansion and survival of your business

This department composed of economists, social and accounting graduates, provides comprehensive advice on labor, tax and accounting matters; helping entrepreneurs in a timely manner or taking direct responsibility for the legal management of your company.