MALLER ABOGADOS provide legal advice and defense services before the courts to companies, families and individuals

Since 1982 the lawyers and economists that compose the Firm have strived to provide a comprehensive service that perfectly meets all the needs of their clients.
Each of the matters entrusted to the Firm are in the hands of professionals with extensive experience in legal proceedings, who are constantly concerned to be up-to-date and thus provide the best defence for each case

Business Assistance

MALLER CONSULTANCY is intended to provide accounting, tax and labor coverage to companies. For more than 30 years we have been helping companies in the tourism, industrial and agricultural sectors to develop their activity with the necessary legal support


Our Lawyers

Jose Francisco Matas Llerena

As a Bankruptcy Administrator, he has intervened in bankruptcy proceedings, acquiring the necessary experience that every company in trouble needs for its recovery, viability or liquidation

Carlos Matas Llerena

Bachelor of Law, Master in International Business Contract from the University of Bergen, Norway · Expert in Insolvency Mediation


Customer testimonials

"Personalized service, seriousness and commitment. I could not have chosen better: professionalism, honesty, rigor, demonstrating knowledge and seriousness"

Francisco Jimenez Pacheco

"With his actions he has shown me that he is a good Lawyer and with very clear ideas to which personal integrity is added, which I like a lot and which I have observed in many of his articles"

Eloisa Perez Piaya

"Carlos faces the issues seriously, deeply and promptly. And he is also very kind"

Joaquín Abos Torres
International Banking & Business Advisor
Ex-General Director of Banco Atlántico

"Of all the law firms that I have known and trust, the one directed by CARLOS MATAS has seemed “the most serious and effective”, since it has always assumed all the orders that have been made, I already know will deal with procedural appeals of first instance, appeal or even constitutioanls, for which I consider that the mentioned Lawyer has always shown a very good provision, which has not been driven by issues pecuniary. Its activity has also focused on consultations and expert opinions, with very satisfactory. His professional training has also highlighted, as evidenced by their interest in the acquisition of the book written by this Magistrate, THE SPANISH JUDICIAL SYSTEM, to which he has lent all his attention and interest and disseminated among other lawyers. Commenting on its content"

Retired Magistrate Emeritus of the TSJ of GRANADA

"I am a client of this firm, its directors were brilliant students of mine and today I entrust them with the practical issues of the world of Law that concern me, knowing that they are in the best hands"

Bruno Rodriguez Rosado
Civil Law Professor

"This office has been my eyes, my sword and my shield in the judicial proceedings in which I have been immersed and I can assure you that I have not been in better hands"

Emilio Rodriguez
Provincial Exdirector of Once